History of Club Molisani Charities

Established in 2005, Club Molisani Charities is a non-profit social club located in Wickliffe, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland) consisting of 500+ members. The club’s origins were created by a group of Italian immigrants from the region of Molise, Italy. The founding members of Club Molisani would first gather in each other’s backyards for club meetings discussing the future plans for the club.

Later in 2005, the founding members bought the club first establishment in Kirtland, Ohio. The club house consisted of a bar, small dining room and only one bocce court. After years of thriving and small growth the club decided to purchase its second establishment (current location) in 2010 from the Knight of Columbus on Euclid Ave. building the modern day Club Molisani Charities.

After 15+ years our members are composed of men and women who are deeply rooted in Italian culture with the club’s main focus on its Southern-Central Italian traditions with an emphasis on the game of bocce. To see more details about the club facility click here to see the full benefits of a Club Molisani Charities membership.

Molisani – “People of Molise”

Molise effectively split from the region of Abruzzo in 1970 becoming the youngest region in Italy. The region borders the territories of Abruzzo, Lazio, Campania, Apulia, and is alongside the Adriatic Sea. Campobasso is the current capital of the Molise under the leadership of Mayor Roberto Gravina. In 2019 The National Italian American Foundation voted Molise as the “Region of Honor”

Original Building

Construction/Remodeling CMC

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